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Why Does your company need a Logo Design?


First Impression:

The current/upcoming generation of business owners will judge your company within seconds based on its appearance. The “vibe” so to speak…

What first impression are you giving your potential customers? Self-Designed Start Up, Trust/Loyalty, Corporate Vibe?

This is an important question to answer for your business. The impression you give will last a lifetime.

You want to convey your message within seconds of viewing.

Your Logo Design should separate you from your competition. It should be unique. As a result, you are beginning to develop a Brand Identity which is crucial for growth!


Memorable Brand:

A Logo Design is simply identification. Your potential customers see this and feel an emotion, it is crucial to depict your company correctly.

Logo Designs tell a story through fonts, colors, shapes etc. Let’s figure out your companies story together and create something memorable!

The importance of your Logo Design being memorable is simple. You want people to see a business card, or a billboard and think, “Hey, I remember that!”. Create something to generate that positive reaction.

People are less likely to remember the standalone name of your company, but very likely to remember the image impression if it is impactful!

Stand Out:

What is your companies mission? What do you do? Is it professional, or more relaxed/fun?

These are all things people develop an opinion on simply by seeing your Logo. Control that opinion by considering all of these things during the design process. These are all questions gone over in our initial Logo Design concept meeting.

Standing out is essential. How many Lawn Service companies have you seen? Now, how many do you REMEMBER? There is room for everyone in the business world. Take advantage of the Logo Design or Logo Redesign process to capture the audience you desire.

Brand Loyalty:

Now that you have settled on a Logo Design, now it’s time to service your customer base! Remember, we have created something memorable and impressionable. Because of that, people are now going to begin to associate an experience with that image.

Your Logo should create the perception of loyalty and accessibility. Now back that perception up with reality through your products or services.

Brand Loyalty is make it or break it. Some companies end up going through a re-branding process to crawl out of the hole they dug with their audience. Execute your brand with confidence and create the loyalty you desire!

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I’m always impressed with Jeffrey’s ability to understand the vision of my brand. From conception and now to the launching of my first retail location, he has always been an outstanding resource for all of my design and branding needs.

Cedric Muse

Business Owner, The Refinery

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